She was beautiful, her eyes like pearls

There was a girl

She was beautiful,

Her eyes like stars


She cried like the rain,

And simled like the sun

She was the one for him


All until she was taken away

To a far off place

She was told was heaven


This place was dark and blue,

Her heart turned cold

She no longer knew what she was living for


She ran, ran away

From this far off place


If only she knew


If only she knew,

She knew that she was running closer to her death


She ran, ran away

From this far off place


She got closer,

The sky was bright 

But she could see his shadow


Never was his name

And always was hers


He came into the light,

But his face was still covered


Who are you, who are you?


You loved me until you ripped me apart,

By leaving me, the shadow said


They stared into each other's eyes,

As they both remembered the pain


Just say my name,

Say my name and say it loud, the shadow said


No! I refuse, she said


Say my name! Say it!


It'll save us both


As they stood there,

They both knew what they wanted...




They saw their death flash before their eyes

As she said his name


"She was beautiful,

Her eyes like pearls"


He said it would save them both,

And maybe it did


Taking their pain away,

Taking their life away


Their names are now forbidden

And never to be said

For their story is gone,

And the world may never know





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