She used to Dance



She... used to dance?   of life,  in reality,  Unknown.  in your own rhythm,  in your rhythm,  ignorant of everything.   She... danced?  Think……… was it?   Dancing is life...  The song - the rhythm - the rhythm is the worship.  Dancing is life.  no...... maybe  Dancing is not life.   Man can dance to the situation.  of compulsion,  Can dance in a long queue.   but ...........  For yourself ,  dance with your pleasure.  right here in life,  Not possible.   Realities seen......  The legs are over.   again from everyone's eyes,  Lose it......  Dance for yourself   But with responsibilities  He too tied up.   Then the song-rhythm-taal,  Don't know where you ended   feet stop,  And the hands went.  The words started dancing.  of life,  Started measuring the facts.   those stopped feet,  Still call today.  you are tired  Don't forget to dance.   She... was dancing.  ever beyond reality,  Today….. also dances.  Under the facts.

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