After the rain is over, sun will shine
I will remember the mud we played on
And the sand we embraced the looks
How cute and beautiful your face is
To me, my eyes are open for you to look
Into and tell me the mysteries of kisses
After, I will take you somewhere
For you to dangle in the rain of flowers
I met you like a new kingdom of life
Never written about anywhere
Yet existed somewhere far away
Your hands touched me like snails and
Tattooed my fear
I love your body, so much dearing like
A newborn Fawn
Just keep kissing me one day I will miss
You and your lips will give me company
Sweet is your love baby don't remember
The patterns and puzzles I asked,
I wanted to let you inside my shallow
Heart of stones
I loved you before heaven existed
I loved you before it rained
I loved you before I was born
Just before my mother met father, I was
In love with your humble soul
Look at me, twist my fingers and sing
Me a lullaby
Eat my legs, hands and ears too
Cover me out of the harsh worlds
Dance the yoga on my spines and caress
My young breasts
Sometimes I forget to remember
My name because your name is my Favorite obsession
Sometimes I remember not your wrongs
Because I don't want to cry again
Will you marry me young man?
You've tamed my Wild Heart
Will you feel me young ball?
My skins are soft and wet between me
Will you kiss me young husband?
I have lost my wet lips already
Will you be mine young God?
You kneaded me with you to make a Perfect dough for pan cake
Shine on me, I will reflect your real self
Darling, I know the world hates us
Come take me into a pool on Earth
And burry me there
I am not sure if I am still virgin
You've dug me into detail till morning
I love it when you call me Princess
You are my Prince and king too!
Young God, you stole me fully
Nothing is left behind me,
I believe in love, I believe in you
I love you for real and forever,
Don't hurt my heart let's just burn
When broken and heal again
For we carry sacks of Wild Love.


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