She is So Worth It!

Here She is.

Dignity is


The loveliest of all,

The rhythm of cosmos circulating her Ghanaian

Intricate form,

Subsided with a look of America,

Wrapped with her fury presence illuminating a circuit

Of hope.


Dignity shines brighter,

 than her opposers,

and negative opinions of inadequacy,

Loosening and freeing from the lies of mediocrity,

As She aims for the static sky,

A new world of expensive possibilities,

For Nature calls for Her,

Unraveling the flashes of digital beauty,

Wanting to copy her form,

Nature said No.



The sunlight caresses her facial features,

In the dawn of the day,

The wind kissing her radiate skin of ebony,

Till it is wet with satisfaction,

And the waters feasting,

On her body,

As she bathes and immerses herself,

Nature indeed allures Dignity’s form.


Dignity is free,

Shame has no home in her heart,

No resentment of her very existence,

In the authenticity of Nature’s uncompromising,

Unapologetic public recognition,

 of Dignity protects Her,

Nurtures her worth,

Humanizes her commodified form.


Dignity will not develop blond hair,

And blue eyes,


Nature has taught her to not remove

Her jewels of self-love and authenticity,

Nor trade her crown of future,

For the applause of men

And social media likes,

For she will always be worth it,

the eyes and arms of Nature

say it all.






This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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