She sits on the lonely steps

She sat on the lonely steps

Watching the kids play

Hearing their joyful shouts

Yet she wasn't really there

She thought of him 

Wishing they were together then

The wind blew through her hair

As she heard footsteps falling

She saw a shadow next to her

Smelt his wonderful sent 

She looked over and saw him

They sat there together 

Just inches apart 

Talking and teasing 

Like old friends 

They were old friends

But how she wished they could be more

She sat on the not so lonely steps

Talking with the one she loved

She wished it could last forever 

And it seemed too

The sky turned pink 

To match their blushing faces

The sounds grew quiet

So all you could hear

Was the sound of their hearts beating

It seemed like time froze 

Nothing was alive but them

However, such times do not last

And she missed her chance

Her chance to say how she felt

How much she cared for him 

But life favored her

It gave the girl one more chance that day

For their paths intwined again 

She gave him her food

Which he gladly accepted

She watched the pure joy 

To radiate from his face

As they shared Oreos 

As they stood there and talked

She should have told him

But she didn't 

She was to afraid 

She knew he couldn't feel the same 

After all, she was just her 

So after a while

Not noticing his blush mixing with hers

She left

She sat once again on the lonely steps

And she wondered

Wondered if perhaps 

Perhaps one day

He could love her too


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