She Sits on Her Throne

From the very first moment

She was there.


No one else could tell me what she can

and no one else would care as much as she does


She is my guide

She is my light

She is my queen

She is my world


And so,

If I were to ever be lost,

She is my guide.


When times seem dark,

She is my light


She rules my world,

She is my queen.

She is my Mom.


With her, there is not a problem without a solution

And there is not a solution without a problem.


Even if we lost all hope,

Time would only be a concept

and together we would find a way home.


Little did she know,

Home (for me) was always where she stood.


Whether it be in an island, the moon, or a forest

My world will always be complete by her side



From the very first moment

She was there.

And without her…

What is life?


She always has the right words,

And always knows just what to say.


She could be the next Einstein


For every problem I had,

she knew exactly what to do.


She never finished her studies,

But I can assure you she was the best

Nurse, Phycologists, Chef

and friend.


And for this

and million reasons more

I could explain why I could not live without her.


She has always been my number one supporter

And through good and bad

She’s stuck by my side.


And so…


From the very first moment

She was there.


She sits on her throne,

Which I have given her in my life.


Without her…

What is life?



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