She Says (A Sad Poem)

Mon, 04/15/2013 - 15:43 -- Chanel


United States
41° 44' 44.8836" N, 87° 36' 31.5504" W

Will the gates of heaven open for me if I
take my life and set me free. Free from the
pain and sorrow that's taking over me. Free from the
child me that's following me. Free from the hate I
feel towards myself for letting people make me hate myself.
Will god hate me, like everybody else, for taking my life he has gave me.
Will god be disgusted with the thoughts in my head
to take my life without being said. To tell my parents the dark thoughts
in my head lead to my own death.
It hurts me to say this because the child me has won.
SHE wanted this to happen since her life begun.
SHE isn't happy neither am I.
SHE curls up in a corner and wonders Why?
Why should SHE live?
SHE always hide
Life isn't fair SHE sadly sigh: Devil do you worst my life was never happy SHE SAYS.
My heart was broken... My soul was taken.
If there is a place where I can be happy please take me there.
God just make me feel happy again... SHE SAYS with tears down
her face.
God don't hate me SHE SAY.
Mom... Dad forgive me.


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