She says

She yells to remind 

me of the love she has

in her voice her own pain reflects 

memories that I know 

all to well 

For I am not afraid of 

the voice that reminds 

my eyes of a volcanic erruption 

in my face, I am afarid 

of what is going to ooze out 

She hits to remind me 

of her the black and blue bruises 

feel like kissing of my cold hearted 

body for I am nothing 

of the reflection that you 

left behind 

nothing but the memories we both know too well 

She yells to remind me that I am dirt on the ground with her foot in it 

a footprint to remind me of the steps that I will not 

take with her help

But as of today I am no longer 

dirt I am the ash that is left behind burnt and scorchted but never 

too far gone with a spirit like a phoenix  only to 

rise again and conqure all of the 

dirt that I will never be and all of the pain 

that will forver lay behind me 

This poem is about: 
My family
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