She No Longer Drinks Or Smokes

Your past inspires me a lot, right now.

Usually it's your present self that I see for all its admirable traits.

But now your past and my future seem to have some things in common.

We both have something in us, that compels us to seek out a big city.

You had it in you to devote yourself entirely to writing what you wanted.

I can only hope to do that.

But with your past came difficulties and trauma.

Everyone has hardships, of course, only they materialize differently for each person.

Yet you are more courageous than most, and you got to being your present self.

Which, although I find my life kindred to your past, to some degree, this present self of yours is even more inspiring.

You're one of the relatives I actually like telling my friends about.

I tell them about how devoted you are to your beliefs, and the obvious undeniable passion you have.

When you do things you do things, you aren't fair weather,


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