She is my girl

She is my good computer
Because I find happiness whenever I login,
She gives sweet scintillating sounds,
Her speaker is not faulty.
She is my girl, I love her keyboard

Yesterday I was checking her out,
I drew her close, quickly like a mouse,
She printed answers with smiles.
When my spanner entered her hole, it blew her kingdom dot(h) cum

As A-pple her closer,
I found her password right beside me,
I couldn't find an Esc anymore
As I lost control, so I had no choice than to use the enter button.

I saw through without glasses,
Her contact contacted my eyes,
She never resist when my capacitor kisses her diode,
She is my calculator, I count on her.

One day
I wondered, with her "back, up"
If this Computer can last for five hours
So I testeron (test run) and
She lasted for two hours. But what can I do?
Bad batteries doesn't go out free of charge.

Over the years, her ports have had their fair share of ups and downs due to some flash cumming in and out, but thankfully, the idea has not been shafted.

Another day
My computer didn't work,
I thought it was the monitor, but it was the memory that worked in megehertz.
She became hostile, wouldn't open up my poems
So I clitoris (clicked stories)
I tried to update my computer but it didn't work, I after several attempts I had to remove CD and insert it a driver pack.

If you see my Computer now,
Some components got shut, it now graphic display with no figure.
I got finger stuck in the computer,
I was trying to insert my thumb drives,
The mouse didn't work, so I clicked.

To use a Computer to prospect good, you need to download.

Mahi Adedare

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