She Is Me

A day... ...

Where rejoicing& loving were forgotten

That day

-She told her blues skies….’Bye’

I sat idle, underneath the shade


As the cool, summer breeze gently lays kisses on my face

Oh what beauty

Beautiful is the sun

How it pushes its way through the little space

Of the leaves of this tree

The beauty of the chorus, that these birds sing

An image of the sweet, radiant glow

As the sun shines boldly above

Blue skies—

In an instant,

They became clouded skies

The air still

With a chill in my spin, I look over my shoulder

I see a little girl

Baby girl couldn’t be no more than seven

I remember thinking ‘ where could she heading’

“Hey” I said

But baby girl took off running

Into those bushes

I chased after her

With all my being I did

Hurrying- hurrying, I’ve lost my trail

While darkness started to surround me

I screamed—

“Baby girl….oh baby girl…”

“where did you go”

“It’s not safe for you to be out here….”

To make matters worse “and all alone”


Like a hawk,

Eye’s burnt my neck

Someone was watching me& I turned around to see

This 16 year old kid

In his left hand, he held a ball

Similar to the one of my childhood

A chill crept up my spin

“Where is the little girl” I say trynna stand firm

& to stay calm

“She’s probably lost& scared”

He smiled

“You better not have done her any harm”

His eyes pierced through me like an arrow

Right down to my soul

He smile became bigger, sensing I was afraid

Afraid of a damn 16 year old

My heart began racing& with reflexes, I stepped back


I quickly caught myself, but not quick enough

There he was right in front of me

He shoved me& I fell

He then positioned himself on top of me…..

Tormented me, mentally



Crying out for help, did me none

I began to push at him

“Get off of me”

I realized then, my hands…..

Hands of a little girl

Through the horrid mirror….his hate written eyes

--my reflection

-that little girl


The one inside

The one who was raped

A hurt& torn apart kind of girl

She reflects herself in & out me

Up till this day

I sit here sure of who I am

& who I am would not be me,

If I hadn’t seen that kind of beast

Our hearts cried rivers of blood

His eyes pounded drums of laughter

From the outside looking in

She Is Me….



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