She Is Me


United States
33° 0' 47.5632" N, 111° 58' 33.9456" W

When I was a kid,
I never dreamed of falling.
I climbed everything on the playground,
Ran through every inch of sand laughing and playing,
And swung to the highest of heights
--All without a scratch on me.

The wind blew past me,
attempting to steal my hair,
but failing.
The flowers bloomed before me
And I watched the sun rise and set,
with my family right beside me.
Oh, It was beauty.

But where does it all change?
Where did I meet that new friend
--who gazed right back at me
through the mirror--
as I felt sorry.

She took advantage of me--
That nice, ecstatic girl
Ready to take on the world.

She ticked like a time bomb
set to explode.
(No please not now)
Tick... Tock...
((No please, god help me somehow)
Tick...Tock...Tick....Tock...Time is dwindling.
(No please someone save me)

But she yelled,
Echoing into the crevices of my mind
"No you're not worth saving.
You believe in your beauty,
Well I believe that I'm ugly."

She tried to kill me.
She wrapped me up in her ways,
She suffocated me.
Every HIT was a way to melt away the pain.
Every day of emptiness was a way to make it all go away.
And every tear, every yell was a plea of help from her little hell.
But she believed she was sane.
She believed every slice, every dice, every STRIKE to herself would make her pretty.

But she...
She is me.

But there were some things she didn't see...
She spent all of her time just hiding,
Trying to escape the world.

But the sun still set
--time went on.
And the person who would show her
That she held the world in the palm of her hand
Was waiting
That someday they would meet someone to show them there was color in a world that seemed
black and white.

Because she was not a shattered glass of what she used to be--
dissolved into nothing.

But her shatters,
all flawed,
joined together,
and formed a diamond--
to shine brighter than before,
And to reveal her utter beauty,


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