She matters, she does


What does it mean to love?

For love is a powerful word

For love changed this cold-hearted man

To be warm as the sun baked sand


What does it mean to love?

Loving her, my best decision

Like the soft morning breeze, she came

Stopped the dreadful pouring rain

What was once dim, riddled with pain

She lit the fire and set my heart on flames

Lovely as she is, dazzling as she can be

She healed my wounds, my scars, my agony

Dragged me to question my own sanity


Never have I felt such deep emotions

Crawling through my skin, my veins, my heart

Can't bear to think of ever being apart

From this beautiful being I cherish in heart


To love is to care

To love is to devote

To love is to be gentle

To love is to feel you're home

To have hope for the future

To protect, support, and to nurture

All I felt and even more


A red rose surrounded by white

Thats's what she is

A beautiful, rare sight


Oh, how I long for her to stay

In my arms each and every day

I'll tell her as I hug her tight around my arms

"Don't worry dear, there's nothing to fear"

"In despair or distress, I'll forever be here"


She's as vital as the heart is to the body

As crucial as blood is to the heart

I love her, yes I do

Because I love her, I would shed my blood

Because I love her, I would lay my life

Because I love her, I would breathe my last


Because she matters, I would do anything

To see her smile

To see her laugh

To see her happy

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