She Makes Me Wear This Mask

I've bought the clothes, I've styled my hair,

But it's not fair, no it's not fair!


I've put on all this make-up, to not look like a freak;

And to keep up my physique, I haven't eaten in a week.


Now I'm at this stupid dance, to maybe find a true romance,

But every time there is a chance, he won't give me a second glance.


I walk the walk--in these uncomfortable heels I strut,

But he won't talk--he's still hanging with that slut.


Every time I'm near him, he casts me aside;

Is he too dignified, to see the tears I've cried?


They say I'll be loved, but I disagree;

Will I ever be happy? Is love a real guarantee?


Because no matter who I try to be,

There's a girl with a mask always better than me.


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