She Loved a Liar

Is one's true love ever found?

Like the fact that everyone knows that the earth is round


Haha, very funny you might think

But if you think that's funny, your attitude must be real stink


I'm not trying to be mean

I'm definitely not trying to make a scene


But can young girls tell that they're truly in love

And not just giving these little boys kisses and hugs 


When does the word love come into action?

A boy who catches your eye with his attraction


Or after you give him you blossoming flower

Then you get PREGNANT, and he becomes a coward


Saying "It's not mine, you're lying

Then you run home to your mom crying


Your mom says "Girl you done did it now"

Then blatantly calls you a female cow *heffa*


HaHaHa, now if you're like me you thought that was funny

But how are you going to raise a baby with NO money?


At first it might seem easy

First trimester you're real queasy


Months later your baby girl starts crying "Daddy, Daddy"

While you're contemplating between being sad and happy


You then realize your baby daddy wasn't all that fine

And on the following day you purchase a nine *gun*


Then as you raise that nine to your temple

You face the facts, your life wasn't all that simple


Then you pull the trigger

Your baby cries

And all she can do is sit there while her mother slowly dies


Before you think I imitated, Sharon Drapers Tears of A Tiger

I depicted a girl who fell in love with a liar.


                                  By: Kayla Fisher




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