She Is Just A Woman

Mia holds herself in the darkness of inexperience.
She is a young, chaste sister of the Catholic faith.
He has been admiring her since she attained puberty.
She stares at him whenever he passes the convent.

He can tell that she has a secret craving for love,
But he is too diffident to say something to her.
She flatly rejects the advances of all the other men,
And so he thinks she is not likely to fall for him.

Mia is like a gemstone in a vitrine in a museum.
She is the only daughter of a reputable bishop.
Her angelic beauty catches the author’s eye.
He feels her pain as she smiles to feign happiness.

Her parents are overprotective and self-righteous.
They have indoctrinated her in religious philosophy.
It seems so impossible to win the love of a nun,
But he does not intend to give up without trying.

He beckons her and tells her how he feels about her.
Mia presents firm arguments as he expected.
She boldly expresses her opinion on morality,
And she respectfully defends her Christian beliefs.

She says nobody can contaminate her virtuous mind.
Nevertheless, he discovers a weakness in her heart.
He thinks he can soften her if he tries hard enough.
After all, she is just a woman despite her rectitude.

She had ceremonially vowed to adhere to the rules,
But now she wants to make her own decisions.
He sees an opportunity to manipulate the situation,
And he will try to seduce her one way or another.

It is easier to arouse her emotion than he thought.
She has carnal desires like any normal person.
Her tears are not different from other women’s tears.
She reveals her sadness and loneliness to him.

Finally Mia picks the forbidden fruit and eats it.
Her eyes are open and she wants sensual pleasures.
She starts to do things she had never done before.
And she becomes excessively desirous of his love.

Biblical laws cannot guide her behaviour anymore.
She willingly defiles her purity with extramarital sex.
If she is caught, they will banish her from the church.
Her secret eros proves that she is just a woman.


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