she is I and I is she

Tue, 07/23/2019 - 02:10 -- anabc

She is I and I is she 
For nowhere to look
 something new she yearned to seek 
She hoped for love and looked over and peeked
As their destinies crossed ways

The second they met 

 New feelings arose
Is like they both new that destiny they chose

There is no doubt about it  
She is I and I is she 
She hoped the day would come 
And the other hoped they  would speak
I knew we had nothing in common
We are so different you see
But that is what’s perfect because 

To me that is what makes us unique
We come from different worlds

 But in this one we meet
           from the first day she new what I liked

It was almost as if 

She is I and I is she

The days I wish would not end 

You filled them with joy and happiness 

Before you; there was an emptiness


The days seemed to extend

I felt as if there was no point to my existence

But thanks to you now I wish this day would not end  

That In the past I could have never imagined

How much there is to me and this world 

It’s almost as if

She is I and I is she 

We shared memories and feelings

Until the day came were you went back to your world
And only memories in my heart that I keep
Bye my true love until the day we finally  greet 
In this world I will wait for you for as long as I exist 
I swear ill wait until you finally retreat.
Because the love we shared showed me that 

she is I and I is she

This poem is about: 
Our world



i did not fix errors but the message is clear lol

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