She is I

A laboring gentlewomen who knows no limits,

who wears her three jobs like a crown,

a fighter,

an all she has to show for it?

A cold copper penny.

She still has a good times even if she has very little

stands up for what she does

kind to all that cross her.

"you have beautiful eyes and curly hair." 

Others comment but she doesn't listen

she likes her blunt personality,

her smile and even the way her butt jiggles when she walks. she enjoys the short lived moments and the small things,

she loves her blemished lips as well as her elderly lady like hands,

"It means I've worked hard" she reminds herself. i know this because 

she is I,

I am her ,

and I am flawless in my own way

and I wouldn't wanna be anyone else.


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