She Gives


The soul rings and shakes in joy everytime,

Intitates the keys that plays on the organ,

Not noise, but sounds of praise,

Great is the grace you have given this life that is not my own,

SING, SING, SING, oh girly, you give me so much peace int he storm, along with joy.

The tests from math and ethics, brings me to tears and gives me some fears.

But girl you have a way of showing up on time. No matter what chimes in my head. Sometimes answers are lyrics and lyrics are answers. The songs that you bring me, put a hop in my step, and cornbread to my greens. Girl in the kitchen you rise like flavor, giving my blan day, a new taste. Thanks for the nutmeg, allspice, and seasoning salt, for my beat, the spoon as my mic, and giving me a shout in my feet. SIng, sing, sing, it gets me through like no one thought it would. Giving me a new skip to a new song makes me proud, because, I'm near to ending a new struggle. You, I look forward to and you are awesome. Sing,s ing, sing, yes you, thank you.


Kayla J.



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