She feared reality


We have our thoughts and the noises of the world

No one speaks no one says

We think and we sit thinking of our fears

We think and we think, make one go insane

We stay moping in our problems, the silence appears

Until someone breaks that silence


She feared the world, reality, and isolation

It is almost a burden to say from her lips

She clutched her hands and tried to forget her existence

She drowned herself with only mere an existence

Her fantasies took over, and she suffocated from them

It was too late already then

She dug a hole too far to reach

Trapped in her world far from reality


A single thread of light reflected through her retinas

Hovered in her corner she dared to peek

The light was comforting, so she managed to speak

To a friend with an outreached hand

Helping me to stand

Getting closer to that thread of light

It was then soon close to sight


Digging up from my hole, I managed to get out

I pushed my fears, confronted and now couraged

I pushed them to the hole now ready to grave

It is okay to fear because it only makes one stronger

Defeat your fear and teach them a lesson

That fear can not define you or take control of your precious life


This poem is about: 
Our world


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