She is everything

Filled with pride, covered in cocoa,

she stands tall, despite her height.

She makes being a black woman look so effortless

so chic, so exclusive.

She makes herself look so effortless,

so chic, so exclusive.

But that's because she is.

She walks down the hallways, afro held high,

hoop earrings in, dark clothes, bright smile,

ready to conquer the world.

Schooling her friends and associates

on statistics and facts we didn't know,

but sure as hell needed to. 

Her presence is only intimidating to those

who see her for less than she actually is.

Inside she's filled

with jokes and laughs, and "I know it's 2am but please come over, let's talk"'s,

and "I saw your angry tweet do you need anything"'s.

she is the rock for everyone else, holding us together 

when we think everything was going to fall apart.

She is the one who will come to comfort you on her own birthday

Her abilities and talents far surpass anyone I know

Her passion for change and service

is always admired, but seldom recognized.

She does not gloat about her achievements.

She does not lament in her shortcomings.

She is quick to compliment

but holds her tongue when her mind cannot produce kind words

she's never not been there for anyone. 

Even writing this I cannot stop thinking about how much she cares

and I wish my mind was able to put into words

the feeling of pure happiness she leaves on every being she meets.

The gut-aching laughter she'll give you,

the feeling of knowledge she'll give you

 the forgiveness she'll give you

 the love she'll give you

the very presence of her being she'll give you,

will leave you feeling whole again,

as if your life wasn't torn to pieces an hour ago,

but somehow one coffee with her 

seemed to fix everything,

and your problems are manageable, small, nonexistent. 

She'll do that to you.

No, she'll do that for you. 

She is loving

She is kind

She is funny and smart and confident

She is beautiful and reliable,

She is everything I want to be.

She is my best friend.


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