She Dances in a Dreary Mist

She Dances in a Dreary Mist She dances in a dreary mistA soul like iceHer movements lithe and swift She says it sends her spirits adriftAnd with that, she spun around twiceShe dances in a dreary mist To feel nothing, she wishedTo feel blankness would be paradiseHer movements lithe and swift She gives an ephemeral twistA twist so sharp, it could sliceShe dances in a dreary mist Rumors upon rumors were hissedCynics murmur that she's trying to enticeHer movements lithe and swift They glossed over the fact that she has a giftThe gift of dance she tried not to publicizeShe dances in a dreary mistHer movements lithe and swift --E.C.

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My community
Our world
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