"She crys"

She crys as the tears fill her eyes she's afraid and doesn't know why ,
she can look at him and see hes a good guy her heart feels num she doesn't know why .
. is it the devil n disquise or evil telling lies .. shes queit but screaming nside.
She feels weak the pain is n her eyes.. why does it hurt why am I sad why does the good feel like it's the bad .. why can I be normal instead of being mad ..
no wonder they say I got a temper like my dad .. no wonder all the talk was of me doing bad
.. no wonder I'm broke and lost what what I coulda had I made my way thru life
mistaking the good for the bad most my days I grew up without a dad
.. life has it's days it's good or it's bad .. you # happy or u mad .. disappointed or u glad ..
confused or just sad .. life has it's days the good isn't always bad ..
my heart isn't always mad .. confused nor is it sad some days I forgot to cherish what I had .
. I look at u and the good is far from the bad .. Ive loved u every moment we've ever had . My love is strong u the best I've ever had
.. only 1 that can get me mad .. I'd never wanna Miss what I use to have .. this shit strong this shit sane so many thoughts time and time again ..
so many devil's calling my name they use to judge me without even knowing my name .
. knowing the game felt I was always the one to blame .. always put to shame felt like a lame living n a world full of broken dreams & pain!!

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