She couldn’t say what she felt, or even ask for any help.






this poem is called; the angel that was unaware


She couldn’t say what she felt, or even ask for any help.


She’s alone on an island, because the people she loved left her crying.  As she falls to sleep night terrors occur in the rem of sleep she awoke, by cold feet she’s waken up by a nightmare that won’t sheep.


That island she thinks about  everyday became true, the gods above her seen her sad tears they just knew,, she is pure, heaven hearted, sweet and kind as a young butterfly enchantment hatch in her prime.


The gods help her, gave her the strength made her stronger than any might a god could fight. From enemies rivals.


A whisper said ‘look up high’


She seen the stars for the first time in her life, she is drawn immediately, how beautiful she thought.


As the sky was in flight, clouds of dark pass her by.


A sudden feeling she felt the warmth of love as her spirit turns to gold. She’s involving of time,


As her past and struggles release her to go. Although the darkness that was compress the gods shown her the vent of stress can be corrected in time and faith as you be bless in success determine by fate.



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