She can't hurt me

Sat, 07/19/2014 - 21:46 -- Duke
I walked with her to the beach
Her beauty can be compared to the reflection of the sun off the moon;
Natural and harmonious.
We held hands and talked about the future
We held each other as we walked out further
On the shore is where she lead me
Out in the water; she saved me.
Over the horizon, you can see her above; just two waves in the sea of love.
We moved with the current; her love she was certain. But she hid on stage, slightly behind the curtain.
They say the sun does most damage, but the moon can put a hurtin.
Catastrophic waters; and the desert, she deserts him.
Makes me wonder...does she even deserve him?
I'm sure he loves you freely, but when push comes to show; he'll set you free see?
Her lies are able to deceive me, because she said she wouldn't hurt me.


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