she came to me in

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 22:55 -- telvi1

she came to me in nothing but her insecurities
hidden behind a robe of hurt and sorrow
as I stood there in vain
to one day understand her pain
I told her new days come on tomorrows
and the past is only memories
so leave it at just that
and if you let me
I will always have your back
She asked if I would stay
If she reveal herself to me
I told her truly
but she would have to take my blanket of encouragement
and my hugs of love for nourishment
she removed her robe
and revealed herself whole and nude
her flesh so cold
ran down my spine
as I looked her in her eyes
red from cries
i told her she was beautiful
and wiped away her tears with my thumb
and told her that I wont leave until her cries are done
she stood there in my arms
her flesh on mine
i was naked too
the entire time
she whispered something into my ear
i think she just said


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