Is She Acceptable?

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 17:00 -- sacoiya

She looks in the mirror

all she see's is a reflection

she was rated a six 

she started to believe it although her friends couldnt see it.

she looked in the mirror again and asked herself "is she acceptable"?


is she acceptable? or is she just ok?

she'll never believe the compliments she gets day by day.

is she acceptable?

will she ever fit into this category of being a ten?


she let society tear her down

now she walks around as if everthings ok.

but she isnt  ok.

is she acceptable? will she fit in today?

will she ever be considered a bad B?

well she doesnt know so society tell me.


she covers her hurt, and her pain

because she was rated a six she'll never be the same

so you tell me what is your defintion of acceptable?

is it a mixed girl with a big butt?

so youre telling me being just black isnt enough?


so she started showing skin to fit in.

she asked herself "what do i have to change to fit in?

is it my hair? or is it my smile? or my crooked teeth because their not perfect?

so society you tell her

is she acceptable?

is she acceptable?



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