is the imperfection of beauty, with a face of ugly. A thorn filled rose petal, left to be plucked by none. Her thorns are filled with venom, her pain is stuck within her. The love she once felt is long gone. 

She's left to hurt, 

to cry, 

to wonder, why?

Imperfections are beauty, but hers seem hideous.

What's her worth?

What is this all for? 

She's the stupid little girl who fell for someone, someone who wasnt willing to give their all, someone who completely let her fall, then hurt her. 

She is that face for all women who have been hurt, 

all women who dont know their worth. 

all women going through, 

all women including you .... 

This she is me, 

I'll be the face for everyone to see. 

From the mistakes, misfortunes, and love that was supposed to last until eternity. 

This she is me, 

and she lives deeply within me,

This she is me ... 



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