What I imagined the people around me were saying when I was in....


8th Grade:

“What is she saying?”

“ Why is she speaking in spoken english when it’s a deaf school?”

“ The teachers understood her, that’s not fair.”

“I wish I could speak like her”

“ She’s hard of hearing.”

“Thanks but I still admire her.”


9th Grade:

“ She uses a different language.What is that language?”

“ It’s American Sign Language.”

“Oh, is she deaf?”

“ Yeah, I think so.”

“I feel bad for her,  like can she speaks at all?”

“ Well she’s from Pennsylvania School for the deaf so she come here for one class only”

“I wonder what is it like to be deaf”

“I wonder if she enjoys being deaf like I’m sure theres hardships of being deaf.”

“ She got an interpreter, is she interpreting what we were saying?”

“Wait, is she smiling at us?”

“ Should we smile back?”

“ Yeah, we should”

“ She smiled, I wonder if the interpreter interpreted our entire conversation.”


10th grade:

“She walks with her sister through mt.airy all the time.”

“Wait, aren’t they twins?”

“I heard she’s older than her sister.”

“ Yeah like one year apart, I believe”

“ They really look like twins.”

“I can tell they are really close because they be together with every places they go.”

“Yeah that is true, is it me or the sisters be signing sometime?”

“ I noticed that sometime too. They be communicating in sign language and spoken english.”

“ I think its lucky for them to know sign language because they could be talking about us and we won’t even know it.”



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