She was told she was different.

She was told she was an “abomination to God.”

She got dumped by her girlfriend.

She has a broken heart.

She was told “Good, maybe you can date a boy like a normal girl,” by her father.

She feels ashamed and alone.

She misses her mother.

She has no support anymore.

She sees herself as bound in the back seat of a car.

She has no control of this car but notices the speed increasing.

She notices road signs as she struggles with her bounds.

She sees the first sign “anxiety.”

She is looking for help but cannot see past the tree-line.

She passes the second sign “depression.”

She looks for anything or anyone to help ease the pain.

She cannot scream because her voice no longer has meaning to her.

She does not see the third sign “substance abuse” because her vision is blurred.

She notices a figure driving the car.

She squints and sees her father laughing maniacally as he jumps out of the moving car.

She feels the car smash through a wooden-sign “self-harm.”

She feels a warm liquid running down her arms.

She shakes violently as the car is speeding over rough terrain.

She notices the car is about to drive off a cliff.

She then feels her bounds slip off.

She becomes still and calm.

She welcomes the cliff.

She plummets down to the water as “suicide” is written in the waves.

She walks with her mother in a vast meadow filled with sunflowers.

She is at peace.

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