She is cupid

in spite he was,

she loved his

perfect imperfections

neither, did he ?

This poem is about: 



   I Am The God Of Love 


She's overwhelmed with emotions often she feels hopeless 

drowning in her depression who saves her when there is no savior?


Me, I am the God of love and I have the ability to make her feel like a wonderful women.


She's hypnotized by my touch it's not lust but she's memorized by my smile.Cupid has nothing on me!


I don't need arrows to create her highest high.when she's in my arms time passes by and before she knows it the tears she cried has dried.


And now I realized im no hero but my love can save a life I have mastered the art of love i am the God of love and I love you.


Simply isolate yourself and call on me and i would appear sharing with you my positive energy being Loyal Overcoming obstacles celebrating Victories and loving you for Eternity.


Poetry by Micah Gayman

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