Sat, 06/08/2013 - 22:09 -- JasminW


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she had a stern brow.
i could tell that the present was troubling her
that she was stuck inside of her mind
and there was no breaking free for now
she was unapproachable

such a strong, jagged jaw she had.
i felt bad for the gum that she chewed.
she kept most of her thoughts to herself
but when she spoke?
oh, when she spoke she spoke the truth
her words could cut like knives

battle scars and outcries sleeved her forearms
she rebelled
her pants sank loosely
she yearned for freedom
and her breasts hung as they were
she needed no affirmation of her beauty
no push ups
no make up
no weave

oh, and that hair!

she walked with her pelvis forward
and her shoulders relaxed
no switch in her hips
but no lean in her step either
she just was

she reached up her hand to hold the bar above her
her tricep was lean yet dependable
i could tell she could protect
she could carry you when you were down
but right now,
she needed to be held

soft lips
soft hands
i could tell she was still a woman
still sensitive
still sincere

she pretended to be whole
denied her need for comfort
denied her need for affection
she tried to live life fast

she was missing her completion
and lost as many of us are
but only a woman
could love this woman
only a woman could


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