She Is


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She was my hero once

The way she laughed at everything even when I was sure I would be in trouble

The way she hugged me so that the warmth of her body would fill me up

She was the smartest, funniest, bravest, kindest, prettiest and best

I remember grabbing her hand in the store

So we would not be separated

So everyone would know I belonged to her

All the superlatives in one word

Then I noticed that she didn’t wear the same shirts as the others

With her loud patterns and often frayed edges

And I noticed her hair was not kept in a quiet blond bob

But instead wild with coils and springs that popped out all over her head

And she had more flesh on her thighs and around her middle

And she demanded more than the others

I would not hold her hand in the store

And I would stray from her side

So no one would know she belonged to me

All of the embarrassment in one word


I did not think she knew

I did not think she recognized my distance

Until after a performance one day she raised her chin and slid quickly to the exit

I followed her out and hopped in the car

And asked why she hadn’t stayed

“I didn’t think you wanted anyone to see me.”

She shrugged seemingly unphased

And I recognized then how much I didn’t care

Because we belonged to each other

All the shame in one word


All the redemption in one more word


This poem is about: 
My family


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