Shattered Reflections

In the mind of a child
Lost in it's own private hell
Watches through eyes of a prisoner
His mind is his prison cell

Tortured is the unfortunate young man
His mind the battlefield
A war within
That he did not begin
He knows the truth
But they all say it ain't real

Tears within the boy
That he has to hide
He knows if he's caught crying
He'll get something to cry about
Across his backside
No weeping
No showing any sadness at all
He knows better than to let one single tear fall

Over time
Years gone by
The boy, a now grown man
Still refuses to cry
Tortured by the memories of his past
Bits and pieces of memories of abuse
Like shards of broken glass
Shattered reflections
Shattered reflections
Delving into madness
Shattered reflections

His mind got twisted many years ago
It happened over time
It happened really slow
Building up day after day
Till the chaos in him took his sanity away

(Repeat Chorus)

He tried to reach out once before
But after he got told on
He realized that wouldn't work no more

So he kept it bottled up for all those years within
Along with those tears
He knows he will never win

Cause that monster is a real cold bastard
And he won't let him go
That bastard in his head
The man doesn't even know
That this monster is within him
It will be until he's dead
(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Chorus)

Shattered reflections equals a shattered life

(Guitar Solo)

The reflections are the memories of long ago
The ones he hid in the back region of his brain
The subconscious of the tormented child
Where the monster would live and grow
The child lives in pain

The child within the mind of

(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Chorus)


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