Shattered Reflections


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Who am i?

I questioned myself everyday

As i stood in the mirror while tears streamed down my face,

                                                       I realized I was merely a puppet to society

They controlled my strings with things as simple a beauty and envy

 I tried to edit myself to become pictue perfect,

The epitome of elegance,grace

I listened to their words of hate as if they were words of wisdom

I worshipped them

I preached them

Then i realized that they are what turned people like me into weak minded,insecure,self hating corpses

 I've  fought demons and dark nights trying to accept not who i was but WHO I AM

                                                      but NOW,now i walk with a flare many others do not dare

I've embraced the real me

I've realized that my body,my clothes do not define me

I should not have to lie or diecieve to be loved

I am perfectly imperfect the way i am

From the curl of my hair to the width of my hips

I AM the girl that no longer fears the world outside of her own mind

Now I ask myself again as i stand in this mirror,

Who Am I?

I answer,

I AM a delicate rose once shattered,now whole.

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this is amazing and brought tears to my eyes. thank you for sharing.


Thank You :)

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