I hate the way you look with your fucking green eyes glistening in the sun

That bump on your nose that makes it look like anyone can just ski right off of it

Your disgusting curly hair that always looks tangled in knots because it's unbrushable

You have no style, you have no class, you basically look like shit.


I hate your mom for neglecting you your whole life

It's turned you into such a shitty person.

You block out everyone who ever tries to get close to you

And as each day goes by, it only seems to worsen.


Your dad left when you were a kid and all you remember is him beating you

Violence has created a demon inside that you can't seem to escape from

I get that it has impacted your life, but grow up and change already

You can't stay this way forever and keep wondering, how come?


What bugs the shit out of me is that you're so smart and you know it

Yet you don't try anything at all, not one single bit

You let teachers and counselors be disappointed from your potential

And whenever they try to help you, all you do is quit.


You quit trying in school so you look like a dumb ass

You quit caring about your future so you end up in oblivion

You quit looking for answers to the questions you have

You're basically one fuck up among a million.


What I don't understand is why you degrade women so much

You speak with such cruel intent and you're always so cutting

What the fuck happened to you to make you this way?

Always gotta fight someone, always rebutting.


You fight with women when they don't like you

But who could blame them when you're such a jerk?

Even if you could handle being nice for just a moment

You'd quit doing that because it was too much work.


You don't have any friends but one, and even he hates your guts

I don't understand why he puts up with your ass

You're an annoying mooch who has no respect for anyone

You have too much wit, sarcasm, and sass.


I hate you so much, I can't stand to look at you any longer

Your face pisses me off and I just have to punch it

I would walk away but you'd probably follow

You have nowhere to go and you even admit it.


So I strike you straight in that nose that I hate so much

And suddenly, you shatter into a million little pieces

It looks like you were about to hit me too

That anger burning inside of me just increases.


Why is there glass on the ground where you were just standing?

Why do I get the feeling you were never really there to begin with?

Why is everything inside of me being reflected on this floor?

Why do I feel like the idea of you is just a complete myth?


I finally realize it's time to change that person I despise so deeply

But no one ever said breaking a habit was going to be easy.


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