Shards of Light

The rays of light scatter throughout the room

As I take a deep breath

I feel the light

It slices my cold pale skin

I sit there

On the floor

Wishing that maybe

Just maybe I can

Find you again

Find the light in your eyes

The light that made my heart smile

That made me feel warm inside


I can hear my name roll off your tongue

Like a fragrant summer breeze

How refreshing

How rejuvenating


I long for my skin to touch your skin again

The passion and intimacy I felt by just holding your hand

Our love could have sustained a garden


But now it’s cold

There is no garden

Just the changing of the leaves

And that is how I knew

How I knew that you didn’t love me

If you ever did


I sit there

Thinking of you

Watching as the light hits the floor

It shatters

The sharp pieces of light slice into my heart

I can’t help but watch as the sky turns dark

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