The Shaman

The Shaman spent his entire life healing the poor, the sick, the hungry beggars. His fee was heavy if the sufferer did not have any money then the Shaman would threaten to take their children. So the victims shed their clothes or empty their pockets of petty morsels. The Shaman took it all without the slightest inclination of pity or mercy. He was never content and took to lying and breaking people on purpose. Mother Nature watched from her throne of ivy and honeysuckle anger rising in her bosom. One day Mother Nature called all beings of the world to gather at her throne. She declared  she needed help running the world."I will bestow upon thee a duty to preform and they shall be my sacred treasures."  "To the Forest ye shall be the center of life and keeper of the unknown. To the Mountains ye shall be sentinels and the strongest of all. To the Plains ye shall provide food for the earth trodders. To the Ocean ye shall never be tamed and ye shall be home to water breathers. To the Sun ye shall be the bringer of life and have a crown of fire. To the Stars ye shall be light and kings of the sky. To the Moon ye shall be a guide and beloved by all. To the Day ye shall be unafraid and bring the Sun home. To the Night ye shall never be intimidated and ye shall bring the  Moon and Stars home. To the Seasons ye will be my messengers and warriors. And to the People ye shall be my children and ye shall grow and learn."  Mother Nature finished with a sweep of her arms and all she said became true. The Shaman looked around anxiously and said, " Oh Lady Nature, do you not have a duty for me?" Greed swam in his hateful eyes.  Mother Nature looked at him darkly. " Yes, Shaman I curse thee who has taken from the less and  twists his eyes in evil. I take all ye have taken back and I banish thee to wonder the Earth in endless hunger, thirst and pain. Ye shall be an example of evil!" And with a wave of her arms the Shaman was stricken with deep hunger, an unrelenting thirst, and every disease known. He howled in pain and yelled in pure wrath. " Curse you Nature! I will destroy you! I will crush all your plants! I will spill all your animals blood across the Earth! And I will torture and plunder the People forever!" Still cursing and swearing the Shaman left and he does not show himself unless calamity and chaos abound.


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