Shallow breaths

Shallow breaths That's it. I think this is what dying is like. That moment when you are hit by emotions so strong that you have no reason to be alive. That feeling that someone had just laid a boulder on your chest and watch as they walk away, laughing. Shallow breath. Breathing becomes a trial all on its own. This feeling is overwhelming. It feels like you're drowning but no water is in sight. You don't know how much more you can take, people are asleep at night. No one to turn to, no one to hear your cries and you sit there with puddles streaming and you screaming why! Why...Shallow breath. What's the point in fighting anymore? You can't feel anything anymore. The numbness that comes after emotional exhaustion is almost considered euphoric. You just can't feel anything anymore. This feeling isn't even one you're scared of. You can't be scared. You are emotionally exhausted. Shallow breath. Friends. Haha, yeah "friends." It's funny to imagine a world where all friends were actually "friends." The people you told everything to. Secrets go to gossip. Memories become useless. Everything goes to dust. There is no reason to fight. Shallow breath. No. You gotta stop. You know this feeling all too well. This feeling of loneliness doesn't even exist. Once fatness arrives, the deepest depths of ones own mind is responsible for the destruction to ones self. You need to take a deep breath. Shallow breath. Come on! You can do this! There are people that fight for you! People who give up time and would love to spend it with you! You mean the world to them! There is no reason to give up now. You have so much to look forward to! Deep breath. There we go! Your friends do care and you are not alone. You got this! Wipe the tears away and understand tomorrow is a brand new day! Deep breath. Deep breath. Calm. The calm after the storm. One of the most beautifully destructive sights ever. The damage is done. But the battle isn't over. You wake up the next day. Tear stains on your pillow and clothes but you feel a sense of elation. You're prepared for what life has in store. Don't let these things hold you back! Talk to that random stranger! Go on adventures! Take long walks with your best friend! Don't let anything stop you from achieving what wonderful things you can do in life. There is so much to achieve and so much to do. Anything of everything, there is something for you. 


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