Shaking voices and Struggling dreams

Wed, 05/07/2014 - 22:58 -- Talaya

John Nash’s roommate said:

“If we can’t break the ice how about we drown it”


We are all fighting

A battle between pride and shame

We our no less valuable

With shaking voices,

Struggling dreams

Or broken hearts

But those who fight shall concur

I am two parts loud voices

And one part group hugs

I am still learning how to use my voice effectively


Yesterday I tripped on silence

And shattered all of my pride

Trying to find my voice

But my voice is here

Freedom for Jordan Davis

Its not loud music,

It’s another black boy

Killed by a white man


My pride is in the heart of the fighter

Those who fight shall concur

When we stop fearing group hugs;

Shame has lost.  



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