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United States
43° 0' 52.3908" N, 83° 40' 19.4736" W

(pick the shards of shot glasses out of my back

and berate me about the cuts you got

from smashing them.)


pour peroxide over my skin and i will tell you

i love bubbles

and stings

because i am three years old and

“i love”

does not exist

outside the realm of convenience


pull aside my cotton  shorts and

tell me

i am not who i am


my mouth tastes sour

and you stopped telling me i could be a lollipop


the name

s**** s**** s****

s**** s****





makes me want to sink down

and fix you

until i don't exist


but you like smashing bottles and rationalizing pain

and i can deal with make believe “im sorry”s

perfect couples dont exi-




This poem came from a very turbulent time in my life, when i was simultaniously dealing with mental health issues as well as the wonderful world that is long distance relationships. As for questions about structure, this piece was meant to reflect the different emotional pains that come with betrayal. You feel as though your faults are underlined and the good qualities slashed through. Depression and anxiety only help to bold the things you already hate, and doubt whispers in italics through your subconcious.

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