In The Shadows

She was keeping out of sight so well I almost missed her, but then she made one oversight, when he moved closer to the fight and stepped through a thin shaft of luminous starlight.


Though only a glimmer that I could only half see, it still meant that another was in the gloom with me, and if in this cover her friends couldn't see, then that just makes it all simpler and soon number three you will meet me.


It was no trouble at all for me to catch up, I had been alone for two years inside of this castle setup, with most of the rubble roundup to make it a maze being far too much of a hassle for most other people.


She moved slowly and methodically through the darkly lit halls, waiting for a while and listening for any interruptions in the now starkly lit night, then she would embark to the next bit of cover, easily melding back into the shadows.


Despite knowing the layout I could never close the distance to remove this rather impressive hindrance that is to say until her vigilance began to wane and came to feel that she was alone in this region of my domain.


Though still completely silent when moving she no longer scanned the shadows, her intent shifted to what unplanned tactic could be efficient on what her arrogant leader charged into on a whim, so deep her thoughts she didn't notice me until my hand was over her mouth and was Already being dragged away.


“Welcome number three, please follow me”


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