Shadows are  alwasy misunderstood

assiocited with the dark

the evils lurking in tht night


The ons that sulki in dark corners

That hide within the walls

hiddn being tat walk the night


Scaring all the children just wanting to play

terrifing the onesalone longing for a home

Taking form of any object hoping to cause joy


The truth about shadows is a story to hear

they aren't really that eerie

they do no harm to you


They are created from light

not from the darknes shown arond them

they bathe in lightbut still hide


These are our guardians

walking wherever we go

protectng us from evil they only see


They give compay to those who are alone

stay with us till the Sun has fallen

oversee the paths we must take


Our shadows aren't evil

they are not hideous thing in the night

They are the guardians of the day


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