Wed, 04/10/2013 - 18:54 -- KaylaN


United States
30° 52' 45.3396" N, 94° 1' 43.2408" W

In the night,
I hear voices.
In the dark,
I see gleaming eyes.
You eat away at human souls,
Full of jealousy and greed.
Your kind cackle in the night,
Gnawing on me.
I look around,
Where are you now?
Show yourself!
The worst time is the sunrise;
Rushing away with my sanity,
You run and hide behind everything,
Hide and seek with the sunlight.
You wait in a dark corner,
Where we're tempted to lay our eyes.
You creep and sneak along the ground,
And eventually into our minds.
You're a shadow.



I wrote this poem while thinking of people's phobias, mental rambling, and the things that cross our minds that make us wonder "why did I just think that?" We are only human, after all.

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