Wed, 12/11/2013 - 19:17 -- JadaKai


Head pain.

   Uncontrollable shaking.

Burning eyes.

                    Twelve Days.

Why won’t they find someone else to torture?



 Fear and anger is all that I feel.

How can I rest at night and wake in the day when there is no day?


They are what cause my agony.

No Escape.

      Nowhere to go.

                               No world.

Only life in an infinite shadow.

I’d rather deal with

     a thousand demons in the day

   than these winged creatures

who insist on taking the meaning of night time from me: sleep.

     There is none.



Eyes open. Eyes closed.

I cannot tell.

     Everything's the same.

  I reach out and there’s nothing.

 I stamp my foot and there’s no sound.

I am sitting yet I cannot feel what is beneath me.

All of my senses seem to have vanished.

The pain I feel is internal, mental.

I’m trapped in a mind surrounded by creatures of the night.

If I could escape from this horrid part of my brain, I could see day again.

  But it could never be.

           It is me.

I am those flying monsters.

    I am the trap around my brain

  and because of this,

        I could never be free.






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