Shadowed in Song

O say can you see,

the kids living in poverty

the neighborhoods where playing outside can't happen

how the child next door always looks too skinny 

By the dawn's early light,

That the girls always have to fight

for basic human rights

but some of them just can't write

What so proudly we hailed,

that the underdog wont fail

while the minors drink their stolen ale

and the soon to be mothers wail

The bombs bursting in air,

screams that it's not fair

as we all fight for the chosen chair

faced back by faceless stares

O're the land of the free,

looking across a red sea

filled with dreams of those never to see

and those who simply could not be

And the home of the brave,

still hiding in the cave

just waiting till the day they meet their grave

till the day their home is better than great

but they will just wait and hope that it's all fate 


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