A Shadow Among The Darkness


A Shadow among the Darkness


Lingering among wood, hear his footsteps move the earth

Tranquil in sound, with transitioning beauty within the nothing

Black light swirls over the endless night

Mundane fear swallows daytime hopes


Nowhere yet everywhere

Pearl of countless oceans

Vast fields of time span far and wide

Seek the embodiment of what cannot be seen


Feel his hand press against yours

See the flames of light within his eyes

A savior he is as we are his acolytes

Find compassion underneath his burned skin


Watch his excellence cascade over the land

Fill each crevice and corner

Stand at his side as equals set in the same light under heaven

Expunge the shadows with shadows


Arise, ascend, subsist as an angel and strike back

Transcend above the sky; join with the stars high up and beyond

Reconcile with the evil that’s long plagued your heart

Preclude the demon with a shadow among the darkness with the savior side by side


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