The Shadow

Sun, 03/17/2013 - 17:28 -- mja_2


United States
37° 20' 4.6428" N, 87° 28' 48.7452" W

To stand quietly behind a Man
Was all that We could do.
Never think, no, never speak;
Be a lady through and through.
Have dinner ready every night
For a Man who shows no thanks.
Spend our lives with a broom in hand,
Just another day walking the plank.
Oppression bores a movement,
A movement causes change.
Change creates our history,
Now no longer are we estranged.
We pushed towards equality
To abandon the status quo;
We fought to earn our rights,
To step out of the shadow.
Today I am able to dream
Of all the things I strive to do.
Being a Woman of modern America
Has never offered a better view.


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