The Shades of Life

Fri, 10/21/2016 - 22:49 -- R.A.Gry

I refer to it as a battle.

The battle between order and chaos,

light and dark,

sane and insane.

The battle that is within us all.

I admit, it has never been easy for me.

The love, hate, and frustration of it all. 

In all honesty,

who wouldn’t agree in their deepest thought

that they too are also tempted and teased by the darkness.

It’s as if I am being drowned in it

and yet something keeps either dragging me or pushing me towards the light, 

the very blinding light.

To wonder, where did this all begin?

Was it last year or before?

Perhaps it is something that has been within me this entire time and just now coming out.


Such a stupid simple word to describe our silly sticky lives.

There is so much more to explain.

Much more to talk about.

Many things to do.

So little time to do it.

Life is crazy and I suppose I am too.

Crazier and crazier as life goes on.

But what if life goes on forever?

It couldn't could it?

Forever facing this battle of light and dark.

Perhaps it’s nothing at all.

Just a fragment of our imagination.

Our darkest dreams and desires coming true.

How scary and crazy life is.

Or rather the person who is living it.


Now that is a crazy thing!

It goes fast.

It goes slow.

But how is it possible?

One moment I was waking up and in a blink I was going to sleep.

The entire year passing in front of me before I could breathe it all in.

What words do we have to explain all of this?

What mind can even fathom these facts and store them without skipping a beat.

We are taught in school only what we want to learn.

So then what are we taught if we have no will to learn?

Over the past year my thoughts on life have changed.

Perhaps it's the "old master" in me wishing for new obscure knowledge.

Or even a dream to be like the minds of old.

To think,

I was simply a robot following instructions.

Now look what I've become.

A forming sketch in hopes of someday being a masterpiece.

Someday being a pillar of inspiration to the new masterful minds to come.

So forget the black and white.

It's time to add color.

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