Shades of Brown

Shades of Brown


Many thoughts are invoked by my skin.

Controversies are started because of my skin.

An endless sea of hatred has been birthed and continuously attacks my skin.

They love our fashion, appreciate our foods and try to purposely embody my skin; but cover it up by saying its art or exotic.

They love our music such as soul, hip hop, R&B, rock and roll, and the blues, they just don’t want to hear it from my skin.


My skin has been compared to animals, attaching an animal like quality to us all because of the pigment of my skin.

Giving us a supernatural essence to our being all because of our genetic makeup.


To them we were able to withstand anything because of our built.

Giving them the idea to coerce and make us do anything; while subconsciously revealing their insecurity of my skin.


So to regain their superiority, they used and abused to their will just so they could get their daily fill of the hard work of my skin.

A pattern has been revealed they benefit and take away from what my skin has to offer…

Yet my skin’s tasteless with no place in society, and should just vanish into thin air, and some would go even in further to say the world would be better off without my skin.

But tell me if my skin had evaporated into oblivion as you so eloquently put it who would you be able to get your inspiration from?

The same skin you claim to hate is the same skin you effortlessly portray. 


Oh! “My skin’s ugly and dark’, yet you tan.

“My lips are horrifically huge”, yet you’ve gotten lip injections.

“My body’s way too womanly”, yet you’ve paid thousands for yours to be in resemblance of mine.

“My hair’s distracting’, yet you braid your hair and label it as an edgy style.


You see without my skin who would you be able to rob ideas from?

Because as much as you hat to admit it my skin’s a history of talents.

Covered and embellished with trials and tribulations.

Tainted with pain and hard work

But more importantly with victory and that my friend

Is my skin.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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